Some Member Questions Today When The Bank Has Problems

In looking for work or consumers, the community must compete to offer the quality of services or goods it has. It is also a way to get the benefits we expect. We also need something called trying to achieve what we want, because life is neither easy nor hard. Many people must have complained because their expectations were not achieved or did not match. Some fail and try to get up to try again, some are still trying the same thing to fix it again. There are also those who use other means or instant to get what he wants. Many people do not work and choose to gamble.

Of course, this method is already familiar to the people of Indonesia. Especially in this modern era, everything is carried away and is becoming more developed, as in the past people played land card gambling and now can play online poker gambling which is much more comfortable and safe. In online poker gambling games, members hope to play smoothly and win a lot. But it turns out that behind the thoughts or hopes of members it does not always come true. Because usually the bank used by the member can experience interference and member deposit activities are delayed. So that members also cannot play directly and there are several questions that members ask.

1. What is the difference between ATM Receipt Transfer Proof and mBanking?

The first question for a poker member, usually if you have a problem, we will ask for proof of transfer with the member. The proof of transfer that we mean is proof of transfer in the form of a receipt directly from the ATM machine. Then ask that the members can take a photo of it clearly and clearly. However, the member transfers funds using mBanking and asks “What is the difference between ATM receipt transfer and mBanking? In this question raja303 the member is also a form of complaint. Whereas previously we have confirmed with members to be assisted with proof of transfer of ATM receipts. Each site also has a way to prevent misunderstandings with members. The difference is also that the evidence for mBanking is less strong, because it is easy and often faked.

2. Will My Funds Be Processed By Tomorrow Morning?

This second question is still experiencing problems where the bank experienced a sudden disruption at around 9 o’clock in the evening. Because this disturbance is also from the bank and indeed there is no notification from the bank that there will be a disturbance. Because the deposit was delayed, the member was worried and asked “Will my funds be processed by tomorrow morning?” If there is a bank disruption, we cannot predict how long it will take and when it will return to normal. We ourselves also hope that the bank will return to normal soon and certainly not until tomorrow morning. If the bank is back to normal, we will check first, if the funds do come in, we will certainly process it.

3. How do you want to make a deposit if the bank is in trouble?

This third question was submitted by a poker member who forgot the password on his account. Members want to play again with their accounts and for passwords, we always ask our members to make a deposit first using the account number that has been registered. The member asked “The bank is having problems, so how do you want to make a deposit?” In situations like this we have 2 solutions, the first solution is that members can make interbank deposits to online banks and normal ones can check the sender’s name from another bank. The second solution, if the member objected to the transfer fee between banks, the member could wait until the bank returned to normal before transferring funds between accounts.

We hope for cooperation from members

We as customer service like our position to help and serve members. Because as many people say that member is king. So we must be able to serve our members as well as possible and prioritize member satisfaction and comfort. However, we also really have high hopes or need cooperation from members. If you don’t have a receipt or use mBanking, you can just wait until the bank returns to normal. We also understand the intent of members going in and out of Live Chat to ask again if the bank is normal or not. Even though the members force us to process it immediately, we will still ask for their patience.